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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Irs social security worksheet 2022

Instructions and Help about Irs social security worksheet 2022

In today's video we are going to continue the discussion on Social Security benefits and specifically how and when Social Security benefits are taxed Music so when I say social security taxation I'm referring to your actual Social Security benefits being taxed I'm not referring to FICA payroll tax right so during your working career you're paying into the system through your FICA tax 6.2 percent goes to Social Security your employer pays another 6.2 percent and if you're self-employed you end up paying both right 12.4 that is not what I'm talking about we are talking specifically about the taxes on your actual benefits in retirement whether your Social Security benefits will be taxed or not has to do with your provisional income you know provisional income is an IRS term and the provisional income formula is what is used to determine if your Social Security benefits will be taxed or not to know how much of your Social Security benefit may or may not be taxed has to do with provisional income you know provisional income is an IRS term and it is a formula you take a look at my screen here this is the provisional income formula that is used to determine how much of your Social Security benefit will be taxed now this taxable bakit what that represents is any any investments that you may have that are taxable so that could represent any gains from stocks bonds mutual funds it would include any earned income if you had earned income it could include rental income it could include interest earned off of municipal bonds even though municipal bonds are exempt from federal tax they are not exempt from the provisional income calculation and so so you have all of your taxable money right found in this taxable bucket and then we add that to the tax deferred bucket so you tax deferred bucket would represent any assets that you have such as 401k IRA a pension and then they take 50% of your annual Social Security Bennet it may add that all together and that is your provisional income number so if you have no retirement accounts you have no pension of any kind you have no earned income then your Social Security benefit it's not going to be taxed but if you do and if you've done a good job of saving and preparing for retirement it is highly likely that your sole security benefits will be taxed so if you're single and your provisional income exceeds 25,000 then 50% of your social security benefit will be taxed as ordinary income if your provisional income exceeds 34,000 then 85% will be taxed as ordinary income and then for married couples the numbers are 30 2022 4 thousand respectively so let me ask you a question what do you think is the greatest single contributing factor to whether your Social Security is taxed or not and the answer is this having too much.

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