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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Social security benefits worksheet lines 20a and 20b 2022

Instructions and Help about Social security benefits worksheet lines 20a and 20b 2022

Hey everyone this is Devin Carroll with Social Security Intelligence comm you know Social Security benefits at first were exempt from taxes back in 1983 they became partially taxable and then in 1993 a second income threshold was added that increased the share of benefit subject to tax so determining how much of your benefits are taxable and how other sources of income will affect this taxation is foundational in crafting a retirement income plan in this video I want to give you the step-by-step guide in helping you figure out how Social Security benefits are taxed but first I'm not part of the Social Security Administration or any other government entity also I'm not here to pryou any specific tax legal or financial advice the information in this presentation should not be construed as such I encourage you to seek out your own advisers in all of these areas finding out that your Social Security benefits are taxable catches a lot of people by surprise after all this is a benefit paid by a tax that was collected from you now it's taxed again yes according to the Social Security Administration 52% of families receiving Social Security benefits paid income tax on those benefits in 2022 so there's a good chance that some of your benefits will be taxable here's how you can figure it out in two steps step one you need to determine what your provisional income is will cover the definition of that in just a moment step two then you take that provisional income and you apply it to a tax credit I don't worry because we're going to dive into the details of each of these and then looking at an example that should tie it all together for you so what is provisional income well investopedia defines provisional income as the level of income that is used to determine whether a taxpayer is liable for tax on his or her own social security benefits and by how much if your Social Security provisional income is low you may not owe any taxes on your Social Security benefits but if your provisional income is high you could be faced with having up to 85% of your Social Security benefits taxed as income so what falls into the category of provisional income well nearly everything first is your adjusted gross income then you have your tax exempt income and then one half of your social security benefit and then you have other income so there's a lot of other things that could fall into that but you can summarize it by saying that your provisional income is equal to everything plus one half of your social security benefits now once you have your number you simply need to run it through the grid now the point of this grid is to determine what percentage of your social security benefits are taxable the amount of tax that you pay is progressive it is not.

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